it’s a bloody (good) burger

Burgers have come a long way over the years and we haven’t got enough fingers to count how many different types you can get in Brighton, from meaty sauce-drenched slabs to bean-stuffed patties and everything in between. But this really is something new: the UK’s first-ever meatless ‘bleeding’ burger is coming to Brighton!

It’s taken two years, but pioneering British brand Moving Mountains, together with a team of leading scientists, chefs and farmers, have created a completely vegan plant-based burger that they say looks, sizzles, smells, tastes and – here’s the slightly gruesome bit – even BLEEDS like meat. (We had visions of rivulets of Halloween-style fake blood running down our faces, but it’s actually just beetroot juice. Phew.)

We’ll be honest, we’re slightly scared by the idea of a bleeding burger, but we’re very intrigued to see if the healthy burger delivers on taste as well as its impressive environmental credentials: it requires less land, less water and produces fewer greenhouse emissions than animal meat. That can only be a good thing.

Dubbed the B12 burger – due to the added Vitamin B12 that’s mainly found in red meat – you’ll be able to try it at Lucky Beach Cafe and Temple Bar from Friday, 25th May. We can’t wait! We might even go as far as to say that we’re *bloody* excited. You’re right, that might be a step too far.