boti eats | freeloada

Freeloada is now serving delicious ‘vegan junk food’ over at East Street Tap (yes, Brighton folk, it’s still the Fishbowl in our heads, so expect drunken flashbacks). The food is 100% plant-based, but don’t let that put you off, carnivores. Packed with flavour and texture, even the most avid meat-eaters will love it.

The seitan is lovingly homemade and the best we’ve eaten. Make sure you order the Katsu Curry Loaded Fries (with Panko seitan, katsu curry sauce and crispy onions) – they’re deliciously moreish, and, like all the food on the menu, much lighter than your usual meaty junk food.

The plant-based ‘Mac ’n’ cheez’ is inexplicably creamy and cheesy. And the Pink Mac burger is a must (patty, Mac ’n’ cheese, crispy onion). Also, it’s pink. That’s the other thing, everything looks amazing: vibrant and colourful and perfect Instagram fodder. Top it all off with the corn ribs, pickles cooked in IPA batter and the marmite mayo dip. Boom.

While you’re there, try out some of the great craft beers on offer at East Street Tap; we particularly loved the café au lait beer.

In short: Brighton-born Freeloada is deliciously tasty junk food, but without the meat sweats and the common post-feed self loathing. We can’t get enough of it.

Freeloada at East Street Tap, Tues to Friday 5.00-10.00pm, Saturday 12.00-10.00pm, Sunday 12-00-8.00pm, also available on Uber Eats
East Street Tap, 74 East Street, Brighton BN1 1HQ

Guest written by Emma Swain