brighton’s best burgers

Okay, so we don’t need it to be National Burger Day to grant ourselves permission to chow down on Brighton’s finest patties, but what better time to celebrate the best we’ve tried in the city? Here are some of our recent favourites that we’d recommend giving a whirl on National Burger Day (Thursday 25th August), or any day for that matter…

Honesty is the best policy
Honest Burgers serve up one of the best faux beef patties in the city, with their Beyond Meat burgers (featured image) served pink to make you question whether it really is in fact meat. To celebrate National Burger Day this year, they’re giving away a free can of Burger Beer to everyone (over 18) when you order a burger to eat in. What a lovely beery bonus. In collaboration with Laine Brew Co who make tasty beers just outside the city, they’ve found the perfect pairing.
Honest Burgers, 8 Duke Street, Brighton BN1 1AH, open 12.00pm – 10.00pm

Really Happy finger lickin’ (not) chicken
We were invited to Really Happy Chicken, Preston Street’s new finger lickin’ most-definitely-NOT-chicken joint. Completely vegan, we tried their Really Kentucky Burger, with crispy Chick’n Seitan fillet, lettuce and their signature Really Happy Mayo. We also had their Really Sticky Burger, where the fillet is dipped in house made Korean BBQ sauce and served with spring onions, sesame seeds and coleslaw. If you’re keen on sweet burgers then this is the one for you. Their signature coating is super tasty too – we’d love to know their secret. Eat in or out with their street seating, grab a takeaway or get it delivered on Just Eat. If burgers aren’t your thing then there are plenty of wings and sides to choose from, too. They’ve also got creamy vegan milkshakes on the menu. Our one piece of advice would be to get there early as they can run out of their most popular items. Everyone is a sucker for seitan it would seem…
Really Happy Chicken, 31 Preston St, Brighton BN1 2HP, open until 9.45pm

A Humble pair
BBQ masters Wood & Coal (by Humble Plates) have made their mark down on the beach at the Bison Beach Bar this summer. If you missed out on their ridiculously good platter for two a few weeks back (see it on our IG here) then get yourself down there today for one of two dreamy specials. Their Holy Cow (pictured above by @aylaeats) is plant based, believe it or not. It’s made with a B12 Moving Mountain patty, mushroom keema, coconut raita and mango chutney pickled onions. Their Rebel Burger is lovingly created using Brighton-based Curing Rebels Charcuterie and inside you’ll find a dry-aged beef patty, Do Ya mayo, smoked pancetta, Sussex Mayfield cheese, smoked tomato and chilli ketchup, shredded lettuce and house pickles. Wowzer. Both burgers are £10 usually, but head down there today and you’ll get 20% off a special burger and a beer. They’ve also got their classics on the menu today.
Wood & Coal at Bison Beach Bar, 284 Madeira Drive, Brighton BN2 1EN

Vurger me
Another new burger joint we’ve tried recently is The Vurger Co., a completely plant-based offering with some interesting things on the menu. We tried their braised aubergine and chick pea burger that stood out on the menu, but our favourite was actually the classic bean burger that comes with their house-made burger sauce. It’s a slippery little sucker, so get your napkins at the ready and maybe avoid it on a first date; their hefty side of sweet potato fries are great for sharing if you want something a little more. Totally vegan, their Biscoff shake is a bit of lux if you fancy going all out too. Fast food that’s perfect for eating in or out.
The Vurger Co, 13 Brighton Place, Brighton BN1 1HJ, open until 9.00pm

Organic dirty burger king, Paul (aka Trollburger), knows how to create a banging burger. The popular Imperial Swine is a good one to go for, made up of a beef patty, maple syrup candied bacon, St Giles cheese, bacon fat ketchup, beer mustard, picked cucumber, smoked garlic mayo and salad. Yep, he’s an expert at getting that lot in between a brioche bun. He’s known for his impressive specials and today’s is pulled pork and wild plum and pickled apple for £8, or there are pulled pork fries if that’s more your thing. Make sure you go all out on the dips if you’re adding chips, he’s a master at making them super tasty.
Trollburger, 55-56 Surrey Street, Brighton BN1 3PB, open 12.00pm – 9.00pm

There are so many amazing burgers in Brighton and these are just a few. If there’s one you know of that you think we should check out, send us a DM as we love sharing things that we’ve tried and tested. HAPPY BURGER DAY!