boti’s monday pick of the day: comedy

We know what it’s like in May, there’s just so much good stuff to choose from that as you flick through the brochures or scroll down your screen, you’re quickly struck with overwhelm. To the point where you never get round to booking anything at all and it’s easier to just go for a pint at the local. Anything to avoid working out which one of the ka-trillion (*this figure may not be 100% accurate) events on offer – that didn’t already sell out weeks ago – you should go and see today.

But no! There’s another way! Every day this month we’ll be giving you one show we reckon you should get tickets for, so you can eliminate the brain ache and just get out and enjoy some great performances. We’ll be mixing it up, so our choices will include everything from music to circus, so over the course of the week you can sample a veritable smörgåsbord of culture. You’re welcome.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today:

LoveHard‘s Murdered by Murder

Murdered by Murder recounts the tale of a host of eccentric characters who have come to Lord Titan’s manor for a game of murder mystery, only suddenly, it’s no longer a game and we hear someone has been… dun-dun-duuunnn… murdered. In the fourth kitchen, no less. We’d tell you more, but we’d have to kill you.

Sorry, wrong job. But seriously, we don’t want to dilute the joy you’ll find in discovering each beautifully crafted word gem that writing and performing duo Jacob Lovick and Tyler Harding have clearly spent a long time honing to comedic perfection.

The ludicrously talented Lovick and Harding whoosh (quite literally) effortlessly between the multiple – we think there were ten – different roles in this slickly delivered, tightly written production that positively fizzes along.

You quickly forget there are just two actors on stage, so skilled is their characterisation. In-character comments on their surroundings (we’re clearly not in a country house), cleverly executed ‘flashbacks’ and jokey jibes at each other all add to the fun. And perfectly timed keyboard music by Nick Charlesworth is the icing on this comedy cake.

Absurd and utterly brilliant, this is Fringe theatre at its best – the perfect show to end the bank holiday with. Go, go, go!



Monday 28th May 2018, 6pm; £8
Komedia Studio, 44-47 Gardner St, Brighton BN1 1UN