Reach for the stars at a night of comedy astrology bingo

Are you feeling cosmic, baby? Then you need to check out this brilliantly unique December game show – ‘Figs in Wigs – Astrology Bingo’.

Hosted by the identically dressed female-led quintet that is Figs in Wigs, or as they like to call themselves ‘the UK’s most ignored performance collective‘, you’ll get a joyously irreverent mix of music, theatre, comedy and dance along with your game. And a whole lot of brilliantly bad puns and charisma. Plus satirical dance-theatre duo Thick & Tight are appearing as special guests. Basically, if you’ve not seen them before you’re in for a treat.

And this isn’t just any old bingo, either. It’s astrology bingo (*cue sexy M&S ad voice). So, it’s all about the stars, not the numbers. And there’s everything to play for on your tailor-made bingo card generated from your carefully curated (*cough* interweb-generated) personal birth horoscope. Just listen out for your ‘Mercury Rising’ or your ‘Scorpio Moon’ to be called before you dab dab dab your pain away. 

Of course, there are prizes up for grabs for those who manage to, um, reach for the stars, including the cost of the ticket or a reading with an actual astrologer.

Go on, ask the universe for a win.

Saturday 16th December; 7pm; from £10
ACCA, University of Sussex, Gardner Centre Road, Falmer, Brighton, BN1 9RA

*Make sure you know your birth date, time and location

Image credit: Rosie Collins