BOTI REVIEWS | Jon Udry’s Having a Ball

Having performed to crowds at Glastonbury Festival, The Brit Awards and Wembley Stadium, Jon Udry has brought his unique combination of juggling and stand-up to a fringe festival for the very first time. We caught the opening night of Jon Udry’s Having a Ball at Brighton Fringe’s Caravanserai and discovered an hour of top-notch circus skills with an utterly likeable host.

Jon Udry’s Having A Ball is an hour-long showcase of some of the most impressive juggling you’ve ever laid your eyes on, interspersed with quick wit and charm that results in an enjoyable and light show – perfect for an afternoon at Brighton Fringe.

The highlight of Having a Ball is undoubtedly Jon Udry himself. With impeccable timing and a charismatic stage presence, he effortlessly balances comedy and technical skill, leaving the audience in stitches one moment and holding their breath in anticipation the next. 

Udry captivated his small but perfectly formed audience from the get-go with his impressive circus skills, and continued to shock and delight for the full 60 minutes, seamlessly transitioning from trick to trick with a steady stream of “oohs” and “aahs”. Udry’s tricks seamlessly combined intricate patterns, daring tricks, and surprising props that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

With a natural ability to connect with the crowd, Jon effortlessly engaged spectators through his hilarious banter and playful interactions. His comedic charm was infectious, drawing the audience into his world of whimsy and laughter. Whether he was engaging in witty repartee or delivering clever one-liners, Jon’s comedic genius shone brightly, leaving no doubt that he is a true master of his craft.

If you’re looking for a wholesome, charming and all-round enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, this is the show for you.

By Anna Burtt

Jon has one final show at the Fringe on Thursday 1st June. And if you’re heading to Glastonbury this year, you’ll find him there too. You can check out all his other performance dates here.