BOTI Reviews | Oedipus Electronica

Oedipus Electronica, the latest uncompromising creation from award-winning theatre group Pecho Mama is a theatre-gig combo that will truly take you on a journey.

A modern adaptation based on the story of the eponymous mythical Greek king with the tragic destiny (he accidentally fulfils a prophecy that says he’ll kill his father and marry his mother), it reimagines the ultimate love triangle – mother, father and son – from the perspective of the mother, Jocasta.

Featuring intense performances filled with impeccably timed moments, well-designed sets and polyphonic sound production, it effectively transports the audience to the buzzing streets of Brixton.

The dark gritty tone of the show is set from the very first act with undeniable chemistry between Jocasta (played by Mella Faye who also wrote and directed the piece) and Laius, played by Kwame Bentil. The duo effectively capture the raw trauma that comes from losing a child and the ensuing conflict arising from the inability to let go.

The evocative lighting and cinematic sound design managed by the creative team also deserves a special mention – the transitions from scene to scene are seamless as the action moves from lively London streets to Brixton clubs.

While the show’s primary themes revolve around child loss, death and sex, there are light-hearted moments, too, with Mella Faye including elements of humour that often draw laughter from the audience.

Ryan David Harston as the titular character, Oedipus, owns the role from the very first scene, grabbing the audience’s attention with his high-energy, passionate and elegant performance. The intensity of his character is perfectly balanced by graceful acting and a surprising dance sequence in the first half. Strongly supported by live electronic music from Don Bird and Tom Penn, it’s an absolute delight to watch.

The chemistry between the lead actors, the powerful music by the on-stage band and the transportive sound and lighting design makes Oedipus Electronica a captivating experience you won’t want to miss. This is a show that will definitely be a conversation piece for years to come.

Until Saturday 18th November

By Yasir Hareed