shhh… it’s a mystery film screening

If you’ve always wished that we had something akin to London’s Secret Cinema (as it was in the early days rather than the extravagant behemoth it is now), then it seems Brighton’s come up trumps with some pop-up mystery film screenings. This Sunday, 29th April, sees the return of White Wall Cinema’s Secret Movie Club, which puts on a variety of quirky classics at intimate locations around the city. The film’s identity is kept a secret until the night with a series of tough-but-intriguing clues to whet your appetite/make you realise how utterly lacking your knowledge of film is.

This time around, the event will be held at the fabulous Proud Cabaret and is intriguingly titled ‘Prohibition Soda Pop’ – these are both hints, apparently. Ooh, we think we’ve got it!  Described as a “forgotten classic that will charm you right from the off”, the mystery film is based on a book, and is apparently directed by someone who could be regarded as America’s answer to François Truffaut. Ok, nope, we’re so very wrong.

Here’s another clue: One of the two leads was also the main star in a major film by a director who is consistently mentioned as one of the top ten directors of all time. You can check out the rest on their Instagram. We should also mention that there’s free popcorn, but we’re not sure if this is a clue or not. We’d say we don’t want to give any more away, but we couldn’t if we wanted to as, quite frankly, we’re stumped. How about you?


Sunday 29th April 2018, 6.30pm; £6.60
Proud Cabaret Brighton, 83 St Georges Road, BN2 1EF