new online shop lets you support local bookshops

There’s a new online retailer in town and it’s bringing together heaps of local and independent bookshops from all over the UK. So what does this mean? We can still get our books easily and quickly and support our local independents rather the money-guzzling behemoth that is Amazon.

The website’s really easy to use and you can search by shop if you’ve got a particular favourite you’d like to buy from – they’ll then get the profit from your purchase in full. If you don’t mind who you buy from as long as they’re an independent, then the profit will be pooled and split evenly among the bookshops.

You can search by shop if there’s a specific one you’d like to buy from (they’ll receive the full profit from your order) otherwise your order money goes into a pool that gets shared amongst the sellers. Happily, our favourite local bookshops – Kemptown Bookshop, The Feminist Bookshop and City Books – are all on there.