get a free trekkie ‘do at the star trek salon

Yes, seriously. For the non-Trekkies out there, it’s Star Trek Day this Thursday 8th (the series debuted on 8th September, 1966) and Brighton apparently has the highest number of Klingon speakers in the UK. Who knew?

So to celebrate what is, let’s face it, a pretty momentous occasion for the city, streaming service Paramount+ are opening a pop-up Star Trek Salon – the Short, Back and Enterprise – in the city with a crack team of hair stylists from Brighton’s Atomik.

star trek salon brighton

Yes, that’s right, you can boldly go where no human (or not many anyway) has gone before and get your hair cut, styled or shaved like any of the main characters (see below). For free! Think Captain Janeway, Kirk, Seven of Nine, La’an Noonien Singh, Christopher Pike, Uhura, Janice Rand or, of course, Spock. We’re not sure whether they’re doing ears too, but it’s worth an ask.

star trek brighton

New research commissioned by the streaming service found that, unsurprisingly, half-Vulcan Spock’s famous five-point ‘do’, styled by Vidal Sassoon no less, was voted the most iconic style in the franchise. Captain Janeway’s lifted locks came in second, followed by Uhura’s perfect coiffure in third.

star trek salon brighton

According to a Paramount+ spokesperson, the idea for a hair salon came about because a quarter of Star Trek fans surveyed said their hairstyle was influenced by the Star Trek: The Next Generation franchise. We’re just surprised we haven’t seen more Spocks running around!

So, if you’re in the market for an iconic new do, now’s your chance – sign up here for your chance for an appointment (it’s first come, first served) and a look inspired by the likes of Spock or his crewmates could be yours!

star trek salon brighton

It might be a highly illogical (thanks, Spock) experience, but we reckon it will be heaps of fun. So, live long, and prosper (and enjoy your haircut)!

Legh tlhih pa’ (nope, not an excruciating typo, but apparently Klingon for ‘see you there’)!

Thursday, 8th September and Friday, 9th September, 2022; 10am – 6pm; free
Market Street Store, Market Street, Brighton BN1 1HH