the uk’s first virtual reality paragliding ride comes to brighton

Lucky Brightonians now have the UK’s first virtual reality paragliding ride to play with, allowing participants to paraglide over jaw-dropping scenery at high speed. Landing this week on Brighton Palace Pier, head down there and get strapped into the suspended paragliding harness, ready to experience a three-minute taste of what’s usually only available to highly trained adrenalin junkies who have no fear.

So, how exactly are they going to create a virtual reality, you ask? Well, there’ll be jets blowing air in your face to add to the sense of speed, for a start. You’ll have to take that on the chin as you steer your way through steep mountain valleys rendered in realistic high-definition graphics. Expect your harness to move up and down to simulate a ‘flying’ sensation, too. We can’t wait!

The paragliding rides (made by Frontgrid Ltd and Immersivity Ltd) will be customisable, so you’ll even be able to fly over the Palace Pier and the rest of the city very soon. Priced at £7 a pop, we’re ready to take flight.

Find the ParadropVR at the Fun Fair on Brighton Palace Pier, open 10am to 10pm Sunday to Friday, 10am to 10.30pm on Saturdays.