Get your skates on, there’s a new roller rink in town

First there was cricket and climbing and abseiling, and now it’s roller-skating… yep, the i360’s fully embracing its sporty side and we are here for it.

A new roller rink, Skate 360, has opened on the upper deck (ie the road level) of the i360, bringing the old-school joy of skating in a rink back to the seafront. Did you know there used to be seafront roller rinks near the Palace Pier and the Peter Pan play area in Kemptown, but we had been rink-less for well over 50 years?

It’s perfect timing then as Brighton’s got a pretty sizeable – and growing – community of roller and inline skaters. You’ve probably spotted some of them along the seafront doing tricks and skate-dancing to tunes.

One community group is Brighton Skate. They started off with just 12 skaters back in 2010 and now have over 3,000 members, said member and former ice-skater Kris Ward, who’s been campaigning to get a beachside rink for years and is delighted to see the opening of Skate 360.

“My vision for a roller rink goes beyond recreational value,” said Kris.

“I see it as a space that fosters inclusivity, creates lasting memories, and brings people together. Roller-skating has a unique way of uniting individuals of all ages and backgrounds. It promotes an active lifestyle and provides a platform for shared experiences,” added Kris.

The new rink aims to offer something to all levels of skater – a space for experienced roller-skating enthusiasts, but also newbies, families and friends alike. As such, as well as public 45-minute sessions, you’ll be able to take lessons and make private bookings, too. You can rent skates, of course, but if you bring your own, you’ll save yourself £3.

It’ll also be a visual treat for those going up in the pod as local mural artist Amber Elise is painting a vibrant artwork on the floor of the rink that spectators will see as they make the 450-foot ascent.

“I have a great design in mind that I believe will capture the essence of the skate culture and the energy of Brighton,” said Amber.

We reckon it could be time to to dig out the old skates…

From Saturday 22nd July; from £6.50
Lower Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2LN