make 2019 the year you launch your food business

Hands up if you’ve found yourself reading about a new product and thought to yourself “I could have done that!”. Yep, we’ve all been there. 2019 is the year to make the daydreaming a reality and launch that business idea before someone else does. If you’re into your food and have an idea up your sleeve, then we’ve got the perfect event to kickstart the process. Supermarket Rebels and local heroes from HISBE Food are on another mission, and this time it’s to help you. They’re launching HISBE Bootcamp to build their following of Food Rebels and equip you on the road to creating your own food business. Hungry for it? Follow in their five-year foodie footsteps and be the first recruits into the business bootcamp.

They certainly know what they’re doing and Ruth, Amy, Jack and Adam have been supporting food entrepreneurs for years, sharing all the knowledge and insights they’ve picked up along the way to help people create their own food business and challenge the big companies that dominate the industry. If you’re ready to be part of their foodie revolution, get yourself a ticket for their talk at The Community Kitchen on Thursday 17th January and find out how they can help you make this your year for launching that foodie business.

Their plan is to build an entire programme combining specific lessons, talks, bespoke coaching and workshop sessions that are all aimed to get your food business off the ground and smashing it! We love the fact they’re up for sharing what they’ve learnt on their incredible journey so far, turning an idea that came to Ruth on a balcony in Spain into a profitable shop that turns over millions of pounds and creates value for thousands of local people.


Thursday 17th January, 6.00-8.00pm; £5
Brighton Community Kitchen, 113 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XG

Photo credit: (No, it’s not just a random guy doing his finest Mickey Mouse impression, this is actually Jack from HISBE)