white wall cinema bring the movies to your home

Missing the cinema? Us too. But Brighton’s screens can now come to you and your lovely living room. And we don’t mean Netflix and its ilk. We’ve ticked off all the must-sees and are now bored of that endless scrolling trying to find something decent to watch.

Happily, Brighton’s White Wall Cinema – known for its fabulous pop-up events featuring unusual or cult movies – are still running their Home Service to inject a little more film fun into our lockdowns, while helping them get through this difficult period.

And this isn’t just any film fun, this is White Wall Cinema film fun. Which means great mystery movie choices (no mainstream blockbusters here, baby), exquisitely tailored to you and your tastes. With decent popcorn thrown in. Score.

So what’s the deal? Basically, you choose your film package level – they start at £22 – then email the White Wall movie buffs to let them know you’re ready to Chat Films and away you go. You only need one ‘ticket’ per household.

You’ll discuss your favourite films with them – via video chat or email, up to you – and they’ll then put their brilliant algorithm (ok, their encyclopaedic film knowledge) to work to find a film from their archive that’s the perfect fit for you. But the kicker? You won’t know what it is until it’s time to pop it in the player!

They’ll pop the mystery DVD/Blueray in the post for you – it’s then yours to keep – together with some gourmet popcorn ready for your cinema night.

You can even choose to have them create a personalised introduction to the film, complete with teasers, extra info, trailers and tailored ads, if you really want to go all out!

We bought a package for a surprise birthday present and the team went out of their way to find the perfect film and not spoil the surprise, right down to secret text liaisons for an appropriate drop-off time! The quality and presentation of the intro was fantastic and really got us excited about what the film could be. And the recipient, let’s call him Birthday Boy, bloody loved it; it really was the perfect choice.

And if you’re missing all that post-film dissection fun, there’s another option to have an online video chat with them right after the film. It’s the perfect opportunity for you, and whoever’s watching with you, to air your thoughts, argue plot lines, learn more about the movie’s history and get insights into its production and any hidden meanings.

Come on, if you can’t turn your living room into a cinema now, when can you?! Lights, please!

‘Tickets’ start at £22 plus booking fee; email White Wall Cinema to confirm your purchase and start the Home Service process