komedia to stream krater comedy show live every friday

We’re entering the third week of lockdown and we could certainly use a laugh right now. Enter Komedia – which has had to temporarily close its doors – which is kicking off live-streaming of its Krater Comedy Club just in time for the bank holiday weekend. Perfect timing, or what?

Streaming from Komedia’s You Tube channel, the first show will be hosted by award-winning MC Stephen Grant with special guests Jeff Innocent, Lily Philips, John Moloney, Rob Deering and headliner Chris Turner, who’ll be appearing from LA.

They’re all streaming from home, so even if one act isn’t quite your style, at the very least, it’s a great opportunity to have a nosy around their living spaces. Plus, you can sit right at the front without any fear of being picked on. Win-win.

The shows are free to watch, but if you’d like to donate, you can do so here. All funds go towards the comedians and the venue to help them survive this difficult lockdown period.

And if you miss the live version,  you can watch the replay for one week after the live show.

So grab a glass and get ready for some giggles! What else are you going to do, bake some more banana bread? We know, we know, leave the jokes to the professionals *grabs coat, exits stage left*.

Every Friday at 8.30pm
Komedia Live You Tube channel