how lottery winners transform from employees to business owners

When people suddenly come into a large amount of money, they often want to quit their jobs. But not everyone. Some people have been employees their whole lives, and they want to know what it feels like to own their own business. They want to be the boss. This is something Lottoland hears about often.

Industry giant Lottoland has created a lot of millionaires. They offer more than 30 lotteries in the UK plus a variety of smaller games and lottos that add up to big winnings. With a customer base of more than 6 million people, they know the desires of people who suddenly strike it rich. They talk to people every day who ask if it is a smart move to take their money and open their own company. That is not something anyone can tell them. It depends on the person.

When a person is an employee, they are given a set amount of duties and ways to handle those duties. But, when they own their own business, they never know from moment to moment what issue they will be facing. That is why they have to learn for the first time, how to really focus on their work. Below you will find some proven tips that will help even the most seasoned employee to start working like a boss.

Stay focused and keep your head in the game
It is important to focus on every task until you have accomplished it. You never know when your schedule will be interrupted. That is the nature of being the owner. All roads lead to your office. You cannot afford to waste time. Here are some tips on how to stay ahead of the game:

1. Clean up your workspace
Clutter in your workspace distracts you from the tasks at hand. Clean it up. If there is something that continually draws your attention, remove it from your office. It takes time to train your brain to stay focused on something tedious, but it is necessary. Clean up your workstation. You’ll be more productive than you’ve been in years.

2. Keep snacks on hand
Everyone experiences times during the day when they feel like they are dragging. Keep a snack in your desk drawer. A granola bar, a piece of fruit or peanut butter on a cracker will give you a bit of a lift. If you like going for tea or coffee, maybe try having a kettle on your desk. A trip to the kitchen often leads to distraction as everybody wants you for something.

3. Admit your weaknesses (to yourself)
If you are not good at a certain project, don’t waste hours trying to do it and then not know if it is done correctly. Hand the task off to someone else. You can arrange a time to learn how to do the job when it is not a priority.

4. Prioritise
Make a list of what has to be done and when. Have your managers do the same. Be sure to touch base weekly to ensure everyone is up to speed. Never let a priority wait until the last minute.

5. Eat well
Eating junk food, eating too much, and eating at the wrong times will weigh you down and make you feel sluggish. It will also give you mental fog and make you slow. To be at your best, eat a healthy diet. Pay attention to the number of carbs and sugars you eat. Watch out for saturated fats. Do not eat while you are working. Try to eat at the same times every day. The food you eat is the fuel you give your brain to function on. The higher the quality of the food, the higher the quality of the brain function.

6. Step off the grid
When you are working on something important, turn off your mobile. Do not look at your email. Put on noise-cancelling headphones. Tell important people to call your office. If you’re lucky enough to have a secretary, give them a list of people who they can interrupt you for. Unless it is your family or an emergency, no-one should be put through. Anyone should be able to be unavailable for one to two hours.

7. Sleep
Keep your sleep habits healthy. Go to bed on time at night. Turn off all electronics. Concentrate on shutting off your mind. Sleep is very important to your physical and mental wellbeing. If you can’t sleep, see your doctor. Try to avoid sleeping pills if possible. Use natural supplements to keep your sleep natural and easy.

These tips may seem easy to follow until you try them. Stepping into the position of a business owner is a big responsibility. Suddenly, there are a lot of people depending on you. You can do this if you are dedicated to training yourself. It all rests with you and the investment you put in yourself.

Photo credit: Minervastudio