brighton named the uk’s most relaxing city

Exciting news klaxon! Brighton has achieved another accolade! Hot on the heels of research that put the city as the happiest place to live and work in the UK, a survey from hotel chain Premier Inn has found that our beloved Brighton & Hove is also the most relaxing city in the UK.

But how did they work that out? Well, they weighed up the population against the amount of green space, spa and yoga studios in the city. You know, to see how hard you’ll have to fight for your place on the mat, grass or pebbles. And it seems that Brighton scored pretty well on that account, beating second and third-placed Oxford and Newcastle.

We’re definitely blessed with more-than-your-average number of yoga studios (103 for a population of 229,700 while the Big Smoke only manages 213 for its bulging 8m population!) and you can’t beat the proximity to the sea, pebbles or no pebbles, and all its water-based fun.

This wasn’t part of the survey, but anyone who’s moved down from London can testify to the more chilled pace of life, as well as the culture, great pubs, restaurants and outdoor spaces not to mention the city’s proximity to the South Downs and the friendly people *waves*.

A couple of other seaside cities also fared well in the survey with Southampton and Bournemouth scooping fourth and fifth places, respectively, followed by York, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bath and Manchester.

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