boti eats: flower burger

With its vibrant, psychedelic décor and 90s classics blaring out of the speakers, the newest addition to Brighton’s vegan burger scene feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of dreary North Street.

Flower Burger is a 100-percent natural and plant-based fast-food restaurant, known for its ridiculously Instagrammable rainbow-coloured burgers. The buns come in a variety of eye-popping colours, that would put the brightly coloured houses of Hanover to shame [and even inspire a spot of colour-matching – Ed].

Looking at the menu, it feels like an odd globe-trotting adventure around the world, with a mish-mash of cuisines and cultures. Burgers as the main event, patatas bravas and edamame beans on the side and vegan tiramisu for dessert. But somehow, it works.

Any plant-based burger lover will agree that a good burger needs to have two things: texture and lashing of condiments. Flower Burger delivers on both accounts. BOTI had the fluorescent green Jungle burger that features a red bean and oat patty, crisp lettuce and – our personal favourite – a dusting of crunchy onions (a throwback to The Harvester’s salad cart). It was an odd combination on paper, but a sure-fire hit when paired with its signature smoky wild sauce.

We also sampled the new special-edition Ocean burger that’s inspired by Brighton beach. With its vibrant bubblegum blue (the colour’s derived from spirulina) bun, the Ocean burger features a mushroom patty slathered in truffle mayo, guacamole, plus marinated red cabbage for crunch. This particular burger divided opinion on our table. The truffle mayo flavouring certainly packs a punch, but to be honest, it left us mourning the simplicity of its plainer cousin.

Consider this an advance warning: with so many intricate toppings and fillings, eating here can be a bit of a messy affair, so it might not be the best place for a first date. Basically, if you want to fully embrace your visit, you’re going to have to accept there will be sauce running down your arms at times.

Standing true to its ethos of caring for the environment and the communities it operates in, Italian-born Flower Burger has partnered with not-for-profit Italian organisation ‘Let It Trees’ and for every burger sold in 2022, they will adopt one square metre of the Amazon rainforest, up to one million square metres. Eat out to help out the planet? That sounds good to us.

Whether you want a grab-and-go lunch, or something to hit the spot ahead of a night out, Flower Burger is a pretty solid choice for plant-based lovers and their allies.

62 North Street, Brighton, BN1 1RH (also available on Deliveroo)

By Danielle Baird