pick of the week: club fromage

If you’re a cheesy lover, then listen up, because Club Fromage is coming to Plateau this week and the good news is, it’s going to be a regular thing. Celebrating the love of cheese and natural wine, the team at plateau will be melting plenty of the stuff so you can enjoy eating it.

They will be carefully selecting the best speciality cheeses they can find and showcasing them alongside some of the fab natural wines on their menu. This month its Raclette, which is both a type of cheese and a type of dish. Think melted cheese with the likes of boiled potatoes, pickled onions, small pickles and cured meats. Yum.

If you can round up a group of four or more then give them a call and get your table booked. The raclette will be brought to you on a traditional raclette grill, so you get the pure joy and satisfaction our of melting, scrapping and dunking. The Plateau team have picked the best quality ingredients to go with your cheese feast!

Wednesday 4th December, groups of 4-14, call 01273 733085 to book
Plateau, 1 Bartholomews, Brighton BN1 1HG