brighton singer-songwriter releases brilliant parody to ask people to make nhs scrubs

Brighton-based comedy songwriter Hannah Brackenbury has released a charity video to support healthcare workers on the front line and call for people to make urgently needed scrubs for NHS staff.

‘More Scrubs’, a parody of the famous TLC song, is a collaboration with the city’s Rainbow Chorus. It’s an entertaining watch but also seeks to raise awareness of the gravity of the situation facing many frontline NHS workers during the current pandemic.

It seems obvious that no one in their situation should have to work in their own clothes rather than their uniform of scrubs (top and trousers) or without protective gear, but sadly thousands of doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff aren’t as safe as they should be as stockists sold out weeks ago. And it’s not just scrubs there’s an urgent need for: they’re lacking other protective gear, such as masks, too.

So how can we do our bit? Whether you’ve got some time, basic sewing skills (seriously, you don’t have to be brilliant and there is no minimum amount you have to make) and access to a sewing machine or just some spare cash you can afford to donate, there is lots you can do.

Here’s how you can get involved:

Join Brighton Scrub Hub on Facebook – you can sign up to be a sewer, while non-sewers can donate towards the purchase of materials here and NHS staff can request scrubs by emailing

Join the East Sussex seamstresses NHS group on Facebook or register to sew on their website here. If you want to sew, make sure you read the explanatory poss and check out the database for all info on how to register and access patterns.

Again, non-sewers can donate funds here to help with the purchasing of new material. Every £5 donation makes one full set of scrubs. They’re needing to buy more every few days at the moment!

And if you’re a healthcare worker and need scrubs, masks, hats, bags, headbands or gowns, then head here to order for free.

Kat Neeser of the brilliant Sew in Brighton sewing school has also listed tutorials for making scrubs, masks and laundry bags on her website, as well as tips on where to buy fabric, details of local needs and drop-off addresses in Brighton, Hove and Worthing.

Nationally, For the Love of Scrubs is another Facebook group worth checking out.