brighton museum wants your covid-19 experiences

We’re living in a particularly weird world right now, a world we couldn’t have imagined mere months ago, and everyone is experiencing it in their own way. But one way to help process it might be to document it all. In fact, Brighton’s Museum of Ordinary People have found it really does help. In response to the current situation, they have created a new project – #TheseTimes – and are interested in gathering people’s everyday experiences of Covid-19 to capture its personal, social and cultural impact.

We’ve shouted about the brilliant work of Brighton’s Museum of Ordinary People before, but here’s a refresher: they celebrate and document the magic and mundanity of the everyday. You know, the ordinary lives that don’t generally make the pages of history books but still tell important stories. So this is a great opportunity to have your own heard.

“The snapshot of daily life for ordinary people during Covid-19, will represent the experience for a diverse range of people, young and old – healthcare professionals, those working in supermarkets of pharmacies, teachers, students taking GCSEs, A-Levels or university exams, freelancers, shift workers, those over 70, those who are self-isolating, or those who are supporting someone who is unwell,”says Lucy Malone, Co-Director of MOOP.

If you’re interested in taking part, you’ll be asked to fill in a journal daily – individually or with others –  recording your thoughts, feelings and experiences, however best suits you, whether you write a couple of lines, draw a picture or illustrate your experience through collage or something else.

These will later become part of MOOP’s permanent collection, as well as providing a learning opportunity for future generations.

Fancy it? Just send an email to