boti’s pick of the week: hub dot story telling

What’s your story? A question the team behind Hub Dot will be asking, as they head to Brighton this week for their first event in the city. They pride themselves on hosting events that bring people together (often over pizza!) to learn from and explore new projects with. They’ll ask you to leave your job title or status at the door and share your individual story with people you meet on the night, using their ‘dot’ definition.

How dotty are you? You’ll find out if you head to Spaces for their launch event this Wednesday, 24th October, as they set out to change the way we connect with people. They’ll remove any societal labels and replace them with one of five coloured Dots (shown below), giving people the freedom to start a conversation with ‘What’s your story?” rather than ‘What do you do?’. We are big fans of this, as our work world becomes ever more eclectic and multi-hyphen careers become a popular way to live.


Now a global movement, we’re chuffed that Hub Dot have chosen to head to Brighton & Hove for their latest launch. If you’ve had an idea and you’re looking for a business partner, dreaming of a mentor to take your work to the next level or you just want to find someone new to bounce ideas off, there will be plenty of other Dots waiting to meet you! Which Dot will you be?


Wednesday 24th October, 7.00pm; £12
Spaces, Mocatta House, Trafalgar Pl, Brighton BN1 4DU