book now: 2020 vision boarding

So we’re over a week into the new decade and if you’re giving Dry January a whirl after a boozy December, then it’s likely you’re looking for new ways to fill your downtime at the weekends. Rather than spending another Saturday night in with Netflix, how about an inspiring 2020 Vision Boarding session to get your creative juices flowing?

After a sell-out vision boarding session last January, The Social Society founder, Toni Finnimore, will be bringing her coaching experience to Alcampo Lounge on Saturday 11th January, along with a heap of magazines, scissors, glue and creative energy to guide you through creating a vision board for the year ahead.

“Visualisation is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can possibly do. Olympic athletes have used visualisation to win gold medals and improve performance for decades, business leaders use it to reach their full potential, increase focus, reduce stress, find love, you name it visualisation is powerful”, says Toni. “It’s all about setting intentions for the year ahead and by having something visual, it makes those goals a little more realistic and easier to make happen.”

We’re going to be choosing achievable intentions over unrealistic goals for 2020 here at BOTI HQ, so starting it by creating a unique, personal vision board of kick-ass goals seems like a great way to do it. Ticket sales from The Social Society events go towards supporting the six local charities they work with, from Stay Up Late to Together Co, so not only will you be creating your own vision board, but you’ll be helping The Social Society bring the charities’ visions to life too!


Saturday 11th January, 5.30pm; tickets £10 and £5 for members of The Social Society, all materials provided but if you have any specific images you would like to include, please bring those to add to the mix
AlCampo Lounge, 84-86 London Road, Brighton, BN1 4JF