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Creator of one of the most inspiring and creative co-working spaces in Brighton & Hove, PLATF9RM, Seb Royle knows how to build a community you can’t help but love.

Where you do you live in Brighton and what do you like about that area?

We live in Seven Dials and it’s the perfect location for us. On foot, it’s 20 minutes from PLATF9RM at Hove Town Hall, 15 minutes from the beach, 10 minutes from PLATF9RM at Tower Point, and just five minutes from Brighton train station! Seven Dials has really developed as an area in recent years and there are loads of great places to eat and drink around there now.

Tell us a bit about PLATF9RM and how it all started?

PLATF9RM was an idea I had brewing for a long time. The (very) truncated version is… I always knew that Brighton had an incredibly creative and dynamic business community, but that it needed an environment that could enable it to thrive. I used to commute to London for work and I spent a lot of time standing on Brighton’s station platforms. The station has eight platforms. Eight ways. I always thought Brighton needed a ninth way and that was it: PLATF9RM was born.


Who are the creative brains behind the designs of the space?

Everything we do is a collaborative effort. We’re worked with Rich Brett and his incredible team at We Like Today, who helped conceptualise the space. People now associate PLATF9RM with its beautiful design and We Like Today were absolutely key in this. The guys from S&G did a wonderful job on the actual build and we’re currently working with design and branding studio Studio Makgill on our brand refresh, too. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have worked with talented, dedicated people who understood our vision from day one.

What’s next for PLATF9RM?

Oh God, there’s so much coming. We’ve got exciting plans building on the past 18 months – it’s all about increasing the experience for our members. Let’s see, what am I actually allowed to mention here? PLATF9RM Penthouse is coming, which will look over (hopefully) Brighton’s first rooftop creative space in 2019.


Describe your perfect day in Brighton.

Well, it would be summer (obviously). I’d start off with a run on the beach, then my wife Jo and kids Max, Fin and Maisie would come down and we’d have breakfast at The New Club. After that, we’d spend a couple of hours hanging out on the beach. I’d go home for a shower then pop my head into PLATF9RM to say hello to our lovely team and members (sounds cheesy but it’s true!). Then I’d go out with Jo for an early dinner at 64 Degrees before going to a show at The Dome. We’re patrons of this year’s Brighton Festival and the improvements at the Corn Exchange are incredible!

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Platf9rm Tower Point, 44 North Road, Brighton BN1 1YR
Platf9rm Hove Town Hall, Tisbury Road, BN3 3BQ