BOTI Reviews | Tales for an Unruly Audience

If you’re looking for a boisterous evening full of adventure, look no further than Tales for an Unruly Audience, a delightful concoction of whimsy and wonder that left us spellbound and completely entertained.

As we took our seats within The Bunker at Fool’s Parade, we were quickly armed with confetti guns and safety glasses, advised to only use them when our storyteller, the Lord of Unreason (George Attwill), gave us a special signal towards the show’s climax. We were then quickly swept away on a journey through the realms of water witches, wizards, pirates and giants.

The magic of the evening lay not only in the stories told in fantastic bardic tradition by the Lord of Unreason, but also from the hilarious participation by the audience, which is heavily encouraged throughout. From crafting impromptu stories involving Frozone and Middle Earth, to playful “are you there, Moriarty?” style challenges involving keys and ancient libraries, every moment was an unhinged celebration of creativity. We were even treated to a stirring sea shanty segment, complete with a squeezebox in true pirate fashion.

Then came the time for us to use our confetti guns, as a very well-recycled giant took to the stage, with stiff pool noodle arms and a cardboard crown. As the Lord of Misrule gave us our signal, it truly felt like a battle for the ages, and our evening was then sealed shut with a triumphant cheer that resounded throughout the tent.

Tales for an Unruly Audience is a truly immersive experience, with no two shows the same thanks to the audience antics. Even if participation isn’t your cup of tea, you can still gleefully sit and spectate – we promise your inner adventurer will thank you!

By Neave Glennon

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May; 7pm; from £8
The Vault @ Fool’s Paradise, South of St Peter’s Church, Brighton, BN1 4GU