BOTI Reviews | Sluts With Consoles

Sluts With Consoles is a visceral, high-energy dark comedy about women who love to game and their relationship with an online community that doesn’t always love them back. Because as girls who just want to have fun, can they ever truly be treated as equals in a world dominated by men?

Using projections and soundscapes, the audience is taken on a magical journey through the landscape of gaming. From girlhood to adulthood, we adventure with them through some of the industry’s most iconic games and their in-play experiences, both good and bad.

Like so many online gamers, they play to escape the loneliness of daily life by entering into fantasy worlds where they can be heroes. As the performance unfolds, they interrogate sense of belonging, their identities and friendships in the games they’ve spent so much time in. And when the industry has a genuinely misogynistic underbelly, how does it impact the lives of young girls who share that space?

The script comes from a deep place of authenticity, without a doubt. The narrative is based on real-life testimonials and exposes what it means to desperately want to belong to a community that doesn’t always let you in. 

You don’t have to be a gamer to love Sluts With Consoles. It’s a compelling watch from start to finish with plenty of well-deserved Fringe recognition and accolades. A high-scoring, oestrogen-packed performance with pink hair and plasmids, so catch it while you can.

Friday 31st May; 8pm; from £9
The Actors Theatre, 4 Princes Street, Brighton, BN2 1RD