BOTI Reviews | Dawn Again: A Rap Opera

Dawn Again, produced by Cloudy Productions, is a seamlessly crafted musical rap comedy set in an NHS maternity ward, delving into themes of motherhood and infidelity. This intriguing premise captivates audiences until the final beat.

The zippy production was written by Claudio Elliston, aka rapper Cloudy Clouds. It follows the plight of Elliot, played by Claudio himself, an advisor to an MP. Elliot finds himself in a bit of a predicament when he discovers that both of his girlfriends are pregnant. Neither of them know about the other, and, as luck would have it, they coincidentally end up in the same maternity ward, expecting to deliver on the same day.

Seeking assistance from midwife Liz, played brilliantly by Zara Cooke, to maintain his cover while he farcically shuttles between labour rooms, Elliot becomes entangled in an increasingly absurd situation. Visits from his boss and mother-in-law only serve to further complicate matters. The beats-driven narrative helps keeps the audience engaged, offering humorous commentary on government policies and the state of the NHS.

Every line in the show is delivered in rap, penned by Claudio and flawlessly executed by the cast, notably Annie Foreman and Rachel Goodacre, who play the pregnant girlfriends. It’s not just entertaining, either: the production prompts contemplation on topics such as infidelity, patriarchy, and motherhood, striking a balance between levity and introspection and eliciting laughter throughout.

Dawn Again is an exhilarating ride, keeping audiences entertained and on their toes. Whether or not you’re a connoisseur of clever rhymes, this show is a witty delight.

Saturday 18th May; 3pm and 6pm; £10