BOTI Reviews | Abigail Paul: Miss Communication

In her brilliantly crafted stand-up comedy show, Miss Communication, American comedian Abigail Paul delivers a masterful performance that deserves a grander stage than the intimate 60-seater Caxton Arms. Her act is not only hilarious and thought-provoking but also leaves a lasting impression on her audience.

With a warm smile and an unmistakably American accent (despite spending the last 22 years living in Germany with her British husband), Abigail immediately captivates her audience. Her charisma and quick wit are evident from the outset, drawing listeners in with jokes that land perfectly. Her 35+ years of stage experience shine through, keeping the crowd engaged and interactive throughout the performance.

Abigail’s show is a rollercoaster of cultural commentary, skilfully balancing humour with insightful observations. She playfully critiques America’s human rights issues, Britain’s lack of emotions, and Germany’s sometimes stifling lifestyle, connecting these themes with anecdotes from her own life. Her stories flow seamlessly, enriched by her personal experiences and sharp comedic timing. She also touches on the challenges of being a woman in the workplace, adding depth to her performance.

Having founded a theatre company in Germany before transitioning to stand-up comedy during the pandemic, Abigail’s show is far from typical. Miss Communication dives into darker themes like childhood trauma, offers thought-provoking comparisons between life in Britain, Germany, and the US, and intrigues with commentary on modern beauty standards for women. But despite some of the serious themes, the show remains thoroughly entertaining, eliciting roaring laughter from the audience throughout.

In short: Abigail Paul: Miss Communication is exceptionally well-written and flawlessly executed. No matter where you’re from, it’s guaranteed to make you laugh and lose track of time. Abigail Paul’s insightful and entertaining performance is a testament to her talent and experience, making it a standout at the Brighton Fringe.

Until Saturday 26th May