brighton gets dedicated wes anderson festival

Eccentric characters, a beautiful, instantly recognisable aesthetic (hello symmetry and restricted colour palettes), deadpan dialogue and insanely catchy soundtracks. Put all that together and what have you got? Well, a string of words, but if you do it in the right way as only one man can, you get a Wes Anderson film.

We love us a bit of Wes here at BOTI Towers (our favourites are The Royal Tenenbaums and The Grand Budapest Hotel in case you’re interested) and we’re not alone: film party experts The Brighton Film Party Society have teamed up with White Wall Cinema to bring our fair city the first ever festival dedicated entirely to all things Wes. (You may well wonder how many times we can say ‘Wes’. Answer: a lot and we’re not even done yet.)

That’s four whole days of Wes-themed events. There are secret film screenings, an illustration exhibition, a fancy dress party (with curated vintage Wes-inspired dress-up area) with a live band in a very Wes-esque setting and a Sunday evening floating extravaganza recreating Steve Zissou’s Belafonte boat soirée. Phew. Attend one, attend them all, just keep it Wes. 

Thursday 11th – Sunday 14th October; from £12
All locations are within easy reach of the city centre, exact details will be revealed nearer the date