the society of cocktails is coming…

Remember the fantastic immersive cocktails on the (digital) beach last year that transported us to another world? Well, it seems as if Thomas Buckley, the installation artist behind those events (he also did the indoor rainscape at last year’s Brighton Digital Festival and an atmospheric digital forest before that), has rebranded his Pop-Up Forest: it’s now The Society of Cocktails.

Their first event, scheduled for March, is the tantalisingly titled Tea with Baba (just who is Baba? And what’s for tea?) and, in their words, it’s “somewhere between a cocktail masterclass, an art installation and an escape room”. Yep, we’re officially intrigued!

They’re keeping the details firmly under wraps for now, but if last year’s mesmerising events are anything to go by, we’re in for a treat of epic proportions that tickles all of our senses. We’ll keep you posted!

76 – 81 Kings Arches, Brighton BN1 2FN