the society of cocktails is coming…

Remember the fantastic immersive cocktails on the (digital) beach last year that transported us to another world? Well, Thomas Buckley, the installation artist behind those events (he also did the indoor rainscape at last year’s Brighton Digital Festival and an atmospheric digital forest before that), has rebranded his Pop-Up Forest: it’s now The Society of Cocktails.

We had a sneak peak of their first event, the tantalisingly titled Tea with Baba (just who is Baba? And what’s for tea?) and we can tell you you’re in for a great time at their end-of-May event. In their words, it’s “somewhere between a cocktail masterclass, an art installation and an escape room”. We’d add that it’s an invitation to delve into an all-encompassing sensory world of Russian folklore that’s a little bit spooky and a lot tasty.

The well-thought-out storyline takes you on a beautiful journey to meet Baba (she’s a witch!) with plenty of delicious surprises and cool tricks along the way. Just be careful not to upset Baba otherwise you might pay for it with your tea-leaf fortune…

We don’t want to spoil too many of the surprises for you – and there are a lot – so suffice it to say you’re in for a treat of epic proportions that tickles all of the senses.

Friday 24th May – Sunday 26th May, various start times; tickets from £30
Copperdollar Studios, 22 Montague Street, Brighton BN2 1JX