the society of cocktails is back with memory bar

Remember the fantastic immersive cocktails on the (digital) beach last year that transported us to another world? Well, Thomas Buckley, the installation artist behind those events (he also did the indoor rainscape at last year’s Brighton Digital Festival and an atmospheric digital forest before that), has rebranded his Pop-Up Forest: it’s now The Society of Cocktails.

Think cocktail masterclass meets art installation with a sprinkling of the joy of fairytales and you’ll start to get the picture. We fell in love with their last immersive cocktail event, a spooky theatrical journey into the all-encompassing world of Baba the witch at Tea with Baba and now they’re back with another corker.

This time around, it’s all about memories. Inspired by his experience of befriending with loneliness charity Together Co, Buckley created Memory Bar, which translates other people’s real memories – some funny, some heartbreaking – into elaborate cocktails and immersive moments in a uniquely touching (and tasty) experience.

You’ll be invited to choose a real person’s memory, the softly lit room you’re in transforming before your very eyes. Using a combination of taste (those delicious cocktails), sound, smell and Buckley’s top-notch projection skills, you may just be transported to the likes of a dreamy beach in Devon in the rain, Doris’ memory of eating ice-cream with her sister or the sitting room of Liam’s aunt. If only all memories were made of this!

Friday 15th November – Sunday 17th November, Friday 22nd November – Sunday 24th November and Friday 29th – Saturday 30th November, various start times; tickets from £30 (a portion of the sales goes to support Together Co)
The Room Above, Aguadulce, Kings Road, Brighton BN1 1NE