get your best britney on for free ice-cream on saturday

Cue your best Britney impersonation, as we expect you’ll be singing ‘Lick Me Baby, One More Time’ this weekend, as our friends at Soft Republick will be dishing out their suitably named limited-edition ice-cream. Their Britney-inspired colourful soft serve will be given away free to any party-goers dressed as the pop idol on Saturday 4th August – all you have to do is post  a picture of yourself using #SoftRepublick and head to their Duke Street store or van at Churchill Square.

Switching a warm-up for a cool-down, their imaginative ice-cream will be the perfect way to prep for Britney’s exclusive headline act at Pride on Saturday night. Inspired by her iconic on-stage look, you can expect a colourful glitzy affair, as Britney tributes will be invited to give their very own all-singing, all-dancing artistic ‘Britney touch’ to their ice-cream. This includes edible gold and pink sparkles, as well as gold stars, of course. Watch the SR team use their Choc Spray gun and create a fine masterpiece for you to devour.

Aussie Drag Queen, Shae G’Day will be at their store in The Lanes between 2pm and 9pm on Saturday performing Britney’s greatest hits too, so how about swapping your soft-serve magic for a microphone and getting involved? You can sing for your supper and bag yourself a free Britney cone for your efforts. Oh baby, baby…

If you’re not planning on getting your Britney on this Saturday, then head down there any time before closing on Sunday 5th August to treat yourself to the limited-edition flavour. And check out the fantastic local art work while you’re there, too. Pinky’s pyschedelic creations have adorned the walls since the shop opened and they’re now joined by the bold distinctive designs of Lois O’Hara‘s work on the third floor (pictured above), adding to the store’s gallery-like feel.

Saturday 4th August, flavour available now until Sunday 5th August, Mon to Sat 9am-7pm, Sunday 9am-5pm; free to Britneys or £3.30
Soft Republick, 13 Duke Street, BN1 1AH

Photo credit: Lauren Mabbett Photography