art installation lets you control lasers in the sky

Yes, you read that right, Laser Light City, a one-off interactive art installation by BAFTA award-winning Brighton-based artist Seb Lee-Delisle, is putting the people in charge of super-bright sky lasers over three outdoor locations across the city.

You might already be familiar with Seb’s work – he projected ‘thank you’ messages on Sussex Heights and the i360 for NHS workers as part of Clap for Carers earlier this year. But now’s your chance to get involved.

Fancy it? All you need to do is head to the Laser Light City website on Thursday evening. A button will appear at 7pm that connects you to the interactive website where you’ll be able to take control. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to choose which site you want to (safely) show off your laser looping skills at – Tower Point, Sussex Heights or Seven Dials – via the control interface.

You’ll need a smartphone to move the lasers on your phone’s screen and there will be other options allowing you to change the shape and colour of the beam, too. We’re thinking it’s a bit like a way more exciting version of drawing patterns in the air with a sparkler.


Obviously, it won’t just be you wanting in, so you may need to wait your turn. But a little wait is well worth it for the ultimate power, right? After all, it’s not every day you get to control a mammoth piece of tech like this for free.

And if you’d rather just watch the show, assuming the weather’s not horrific (we know, that’s one helluva an assumption), then you’ll be able to see the sky lasers over 5km away. It’s designed to be seen from all of the city, so even if the weather doesn’t play ball, if you’re in Brighton and Hove, you’ll definitely see the lasers.

For the best views of all of the lasers, Seb recommends being up high – so places like Hanover, Dyke Road Park or up near the racecourse would all be good spots to see all three.

Otherwise a wide open space works well, too, Seb says. The squares near the seafront will be good for seeing the Sussex Heights lasers and the Seven Dials site also points south towards the beach, while the Tower Point lasers head east, as well as south.

So what prompted the idea? “Community events have become so few and far between because of coronavirus. Brighton has always championed the arts and their power to lift people’s spirits, and I wanted to do something in my home town that enables people to express their creativity in a unique and playful way. The idea was to do something fun and beautiful which we all create together. It’s also naturally suited to social distancing because all you have to do is look up,” said Seb. 

Plus you’ll be able to make a bit of a (socially distanced, number-limited) party out of it as local radio station Platform B is curating a special soundtrack for the occasion and as part of their second anniversary celebrations. You can tune in to the station from 6pm where DJ Henna will be chatting to Seb and counting down to the live launch at 7.30pm.

Don’t miss out, we reckon this is going to be a pretty memorable experience whether you’re showcasing your laser creations or admiring the view.

Thursday, 1st October; 7.30pm – 11pm; access link will appear on the Facebook event page and on at 7pm