charlotte and dan doherty | art + believe

Brighton’s brightest duo, Charlotte & Dan (aka Art + Believe) paint large-scale colourful geometric murals, bringing lost and forgotten communal spaces back to life. Collaborating with community and charity projects, their work is a reflection of what the city of Brighton & Hove is built on.

Where do you live in Brighton & Hove and what do you like about the area?

We live in central Brighton. The city is great because it is full of artwork everywhere you look. It’s a really fun, creative and friendly place. There are many cool independent shops and businesses that love to collaborate with artists, which is great for us.


What are you working on in the city at the moment?

At the moment we are launching a project with the council called ‘paint my shop’. Hopefully, this will bring artists and local businesses together. We are also working on some large-scale installations. We can’t give away the locations of these yet, but you can keep up to date on our website and social media. We are also excited to be exhibiting some work at the Brighton Festival next month.


One of the biggest projects you’ve created in Brighton is the Sky Gallery. How can people view this piece of work?

The Sky Gallery can be viewed by air, from the British Airways i360 observation tower, or online via social media. We also have private viewings arranged throughout the year. And we’re eagerly awaiting the Sky Gallery’s appearance on Google Earth!


Describe your perfect day in Brighton.

The weather is always a big factor in what we do, so a nice sunny day is a good start. We love our work so our perfect day would be painting a large-scale mural in the city. For us, it’s great to be outside interacting with people while we’re creating. We never expect the artwork to last forever so we try to enjoy the moment of creation, as well as the contact with both locals and visitors to the city.

Photo credits: Visual Air

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